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Sefer Yetsira [Book of Creation]
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A sacred book which is attributed to Abraham our Father blessed be his soul, and which contains the foundations for the wisdom of Kabbala as well as the entire epithets of the prodigy of former and later kabbalists, ZTZ"L:

a) Chakhmoni Commentary by rabbi Shabbethai Donnolo Z"L

b) The commentary of rabbi Abraham ben David (The RAVAD) Z"L;

c) Rabbi Moses ben Nachman (RAMBAN) Z"L's commentary;

d) Rabbi Saadia Gaon Z"L's commentary;

e)Rabbi Eliezer of Garmiza Z"L's commentary (the author of HaRokech);

f)Rabbi Moshe Butril Z"L's commentary;

g) Rabbi Moshe ben rabbi Yaakov HaGole Z"L the author of Otsar G-D and ShoShan Sodot.

h) The Hassidic prodigy Elihu of Vilnius Z"L, B"H Ofanim Commentary (a proofread and revised version of the holy manuscript, with an additional compilation of articles from the manuscript) and an interpretation of his commentary by rabbi Yaakov Adas SHLIT"A based on his occult reading, including very useful indices of the Vilna Gaon's commentary (made by rabbi Moshe Zuriel);

i) The Peri Yitzhak Commentary by the kabbalist rabbi Yitzhak Isaac Z"L, the author of Be'er Ya'akov "Corrections of the Zohar";

j) Commentary of Arizal, for his Ma'amar Kadishin including the entire chapter about the Book of Creation, and commentary of the first chapter of this book;

k) and an additional fresh commentary which is called 'Otot VeMo'adim by the righteous and holy rabbi Yehoshua of Pristic Z"L.

The Book of Creation can be found in four versions. Since the former [commentators] used many versions, all of them are included in print [and function] as the basic text [for those commentators]:

a) A version in the body of the book as was printed the various prints;

b) A version which was chosen both by Arizal and Vilna Gaon Z"L (printed with Vilan Gaon's and Peri Yitzhak's commentaries);

c) An ancient version that was translated within the Hakhmoni Commentary by the rabbi of great antiquity, Shabbethai Donnolo Z"L;

d) The version which is found in Mantova Print 5322 [1562] is annexed to the end of this book. This version served most of the commentators in their work, and without it their commentary might be misunderstood, as we already noted in few places in footnotes: all of these [versions] were compiled and printed with extremely precise proofreading, by scholars who are versed and skilled in the language of the kabbalists of antiquity. The Vilna Gaon Commentary appears in the fifth Part, and the holy manuscript is renewed, because the print became faulty during the initial copying process

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